Landscapes Beyond: The Burden of Proof, 2007

This series was produced during two separate expeditions to Iceland, between 2006 and 2007.
The images displayed in this gallery comprise the second expedition.
I set out to create a topographical inventory of mountains, rivers, roads, volcanos, etc., inspired by early 18th century pictorial traditions and evocations of the sublime.
I sought to recreate some of the conditions under which many of the early topographic studies were produced in, albeit with the aid of modern technology. I visited the country during the harsh winter months, when most roads and access paths were closed.
In order to access these isolated and remote areas I relied on the assistance of local search and rescue teams.
But for all its historical evocation, this work is fraught with anxieties about ruin.
This series deals not only with the death of the physical landscape (Iceland’s receding glaciar regions) but also with the death of landscape as a pictorial theme.