Dwarf Exoplanets & Other Sophisms, 2007

Deploying a multitude of different analogical and digital devices, these are photographs that apparently represent planets, but after looking at them closely we realise that we are faced with an illusory experience. In this project I bypassed the camera all together and made use of high-resolution medical scanners to enlarge a limited number of small metal plates that I collected during a trip to a gas storage plant. These plates originated from the pilot holes of the inside lining of the tanks and which, once in contact with the elements, oxydised in the most fascinating way.
More akin to the sort of imagery that one would find in a space exploration publication, Dwarf Exoplanets & Other Sophisms seeks to create a play of references drawn between reality and its image. Creating new ways of thinking about the uncertainty of the references is a means to capture what is missing, the thing that separates photography from reality.
This work links reality and fiction to directly question the spectator’s convictions and expectations and to establish a contradictory domain between the presence of a representation and the illusion of recognition.