Black Holes & Other Inconsistencies, 2002

Produced in the final year of my MA degree in Photography and Fine Art at the Royal College of Art (London), Black Holes & Other Inconsistencies was conceived in response to the research which I was developing, at the time, on the theme of the metastization of the urban frontier and its impact on our understanding of the de-centred city.
We know that as cities expand, they become progressively fragmented and dispersed and their borders increasingly fluid and permeable. As a result, the structure of the city mutates to such degree that we are no longer able to understand the language that it yields.
The premise for this body of work was centred around one simple question: if we’re no longer able to define what a city is, how are we to relate to it?
Produced almost entirely in peripheral regions in South-East China, Portugal and South Africa, the work uses the ‘black hole’ as a metaphor for reason at a point of exhaustion.
Black Holes & Other Inconsistencies highlights a point of resistance: resistance to the world of flux and flow that we live in, to a world haunted by mobility, intangibility and uncertainty.