Fiction and Fabrication @ MAAT, Lisbon

Works from the series The Time Machine: An Incomplete & Semi-Objective Survey of Hydro-Power Stations will be included in the group show Fiction and Fabrication @ MAAT, Lisbon.
Fiction and Fabrication is intended to depict the emergence of photographic practices that, either arising from the field visual arts or the post-Photoshop condition, have introduced a disturbance in the ways architecture is represented and made part of a wider contemporary visual culture. Ranging from depictions of real conditions that become stranger than fiction, to fictional construction made for and through the photographic image, the show will get together a fascinating array of contemporary work.
Participating Artists: Aglaia Konrad, Andreas Gursky, Anja Niemi, Antoni Muntadas, Bas Princen, Beate Gütschow, Carlos Garaicoa, Celine Condorelli, David Claerbout, Dionisio Gonzalez, Doug Aitken, Edgar Martins, Erwin Olaf, Evandro Soares, Filip Dujardin, Gerold Tagwerker, Gregory Crewdson, Hanna Starkey, Hans Op de Beeck, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Inês Lombardi, Isabel Brison, James Casabere, James Welling, Jeff Wall, Jonathan Lewis, Lucia Koch, Mafalda Marques Correia, Martha Rossler, Mónica de Miranda, Nick Relph, Nicolas Grospierre, Oliver Ratsi, Olivier Boberg, Patrick Hamilton, Pedro Tudela, Philip Schaerer, Rita Sobral Campos, Rodrigo Oliveira, Roland Fisher, Sabine Hornig, Tatiana Macedo, Teresa Braula Reis, Thomas Demand, Thomas Ruf, Veronika Kellndorfer and Wolfgang Tillmans.